Adulting (All Work, No Play)

Put my cause in a garbage bag.
Don’t be afraid to say the word
“cunt”—it’s not the problem; you
are the problem. It’s not just you;
it’s me, too. The problem is us.

When one acts a fool, we all tip
our stools. I sat on the throne so
long today, I could have fallen
asleep. But I’m an insomniac,
and I could have sworn I heard
horses trotting on the street
tonight. Us humans, were all just
jockeys in this life. It’s a short-
term death. Make it last, right?

Bounty Hunter

Cashed-out salon committees
commit egregious typos beyond
any and all comprehension, and
I’ve learned over the years that
that’s okay; I’m okay, and you’re
okay. You have changed me, and
for that, I am in debt to you; I owe
you all my love and conscience.

Burglars Gone Ham

Eternal privilege be damned;
the resistance cannot provide
protection to those so ignant.

My worldview was taken,
and so was my memory.

What else is left of myself?

My brain is on hiatus for now.

Reflexology gig economy,
doing it themselves alright.

I’ll let the cardio border boots
sport my jock and strap back;
but I do want my hard drive.

City Slicker

No service
in the country;
no leaving
the cunt tree.

Proud to be
honest; lead
a man to water,
and teach him
how to phish.

It's so dry by
this new age
Bay of Svengali.

Tool and dye by
trade; I mean, I
swap words like...

Oh, you know
what I'm saying...

Desperation Cuts

Coffee drips on wood
and water is my blood.

Clipped my own ear
just to sense what
being held hostage
might really feel like.

Is it actually all that different
than it was yesterday or before?

At this very moment
it is more like some
scram of simulacrum
I desperately cut away.

I need to remove leeches
and clean up my inbox.

Entitlements, etc.

It's cold out in the streets;
this interior is designed
to mimic real suffering.

Minivans full of Caucasians
in North Face fleece vests
stare out, both East and West,
and look down upon the South.

And nothing changes...

Ignorance and negligence
most always trump diligence.

And nothing changes...

Pumpkin spice latte activists
with multiple vanilla personas
drive culture off of coastal cliffs
and drive me into dark hole fits.

I hope I stay alive long enough
to watch all the powerful men
and their fantasy decks die off.

Feces Species

Some bodies
are just bodies.

Some minds
are less mined.

People all go home
on the phone, and
juggle personas
in person, in time.

What's a word but
a word when you
don't even know
what you're worth.

Some minds
are less mined.

Some bodies
are just bodies.


last year
felt like all

modern years
packaged up

in a brown box
used and abused

like a Macy's brain
parceled flat to Earth

there's no way
I'm going to look

forward until the
past becomes

a timeless present
for all to unwrap

Hwang Way

I made a new friend;
she treats me the way
a friend treats a person.

She is the best woman
I have met who does not
share genetics with me.

We eat omelettes together
and listen to Motown classics
in our bare feet like old lovers.

She is spicy like fresh kimchi,
yet her lips cool my anxieties
like deserted cucumber water.

I have webbed enough sand
between my toes to know
she is right for my soles.

Keith Jason Version

In the beginning,
there was light;
by midnight, life
blacked me out.

I have found God
in a small bottle ship,
and fear in bullshit.

There are no bubbles
on the interstates; no
salvation on the surface.

You wield what you yield
on the semaphore streets.

Lobster Breath

Before her,
I had been
eating sand
for breakfast
and dinner.

But then I sank
my thin potatoes
and salty dough
into Ethiopian
swimming pools,
drank two wood-
paneled beers,
divided pleasure
from occupation,
like a Bauhaus
brat or a sad bat
from the Far East;
our faces flamed
like mortuary grins.

Once I met her,
I could taste all
the buttery rolls
of ocean waves,
morning to night.

Lone Gringo

Slim in the shade,
Junior by my side.

We’re cruising through
a Modelo type of life,
twisting ankles up
in a Proustian style;
this used to be where
the Jewish merchants
piled nickels and dimes.

Slim in the shade,
Junior by my side.

Must See Me

Burned my lip,
bit my tongue;
made an error,
erred without
my conscience.

I never meant
to let you down;
I only ever tried
to maintain pride,
and failed; how?



get ahead again
get ahold of men;

a barely betting man
once said, “The end.”

Radical Pragmatist

The military madness of now
is not just some nightmare
of heyday hippie proportions.

The coastal capitalist columns
explicate false equivalencies
that only six figures can mask.

My own foundation was feared,
weakening all my logical lines
on such a long, spartan drive.

I was wrecking dusk,
barreling through
the dusty bowels
like a furious lush,
and you just soaked.

You are the loveliest sponge;
all of my compliments belong
to you now, even the dry ones.

You are a puzzling riddle, love;
I'm not accustomed to one who
is so balanced in the dramatics.

I, on the other hand, am more
of a radical pragmatist—like,
say, if Warhol was a Marxist.


I’ve got a case of
Basketball Jones
on the Metro North;
January Jones, too.

I’m a raw dog
when I’m East;
I’m a chill pup
when I’m West.

I’ve got a case of
Rolling Rock or two
on the NJ Transit,
and nothing feels.

I’m a bled hound
no matter where
I roam and I roam
no matter what.

Shit Séance

code &

to hear
my nana.

The agent
told me,
"Better luck
next time."

Sickle Man

She was just a constant feed
of shallow memes to me: put
them on repeat, scroll away
the memories until no more
exist; she became a trough,
and I became a bored farmer.

Winter Bones

I spy five senses
in the cold heart
of a mastodon—

we speak in tongues
because that is what
adults believe we are
presently fixed to do.

I have investigated
all humans, and not
much has changed.